Living your best life through intentional cannabis use


Welcome to bud & blossom

“Cannabis is like a mirror in that she will show you your true self and hold your hand as you fix yourself.”




Hi, I’m Heather

My name is Heather Dagley and I’m here to provide examples and insight about how you can use intentional cannabis use and self-care practices to enhance your entire life.

I have used cannabis, nutrition, and self-empowerment tools to improve many facets of my own life, and I’m excited to share these same approaches with you!

You may be an OG cannabis user, completely new to cannabis, or just curious about how to ramp up your personal self-care routine. Either way, I am so happy that you’re here!


Whether you are new to cannabis or an experienced cannabis user, we can all stand to gain higher connection with our true selves.

Learn how you can carve out a moment of self-connection through mindful cannabis consumption in 6 simple steps.

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