Best TV to Watch for an Uplifting Moment


If you’re anything like me, the majority of your entertainment intake over the last 2 years has been political in nature - either news programs or political comedy sketch shows (how can you not love Trevor Noah?). However, a large intake of political drama, over a long period, can be exhausting. You’ve felt it, we’ve all felt it, I don’t even need to explain further. When most of us work a grueling schedule, always pushing to get to Friday afternoon, each moment away from the connectedness and stress should be sacrosanct. But with the 24 hour news cycle you are still glued into “what’s going on” all the time (but yes, I still do want to see Notifications).

Anyway, sometimes, you just need to get away. For the most part, I’ve found that “getting away” is best spent physically away from inputs. I haven’t watched a lot of TV over the last 6 months or so. Whenever I catch myself in a moment of weakness, clicking “resume” on a random Madmen episode on Netflix, I have to remind myself to just turn the TV off. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Madmen. It’s my favorite show and eventually, I would like to purchase a prop from the set to display in my mid-century/west-coast/bohemian/farmhouse living room (I don’t think I’ll ever land on any-one design style).

So, lately I have resisted the urge  to fall back to the old regulars: Madmen, The Office, The Tudors, Seinfeld, 30 Rock, Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown (don’t even get me started…), Portlandia, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia… These are my tried and true favorites, but to rewatch and rewatch… it can lend to casting new experiences away. So, with that, I’m going to focus on seeing something new or moving on.

All that to be said that I’ve found two true gems, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the following programs:

Queer Eye

  • New version of an old favorite

  • However, now, it’s based on heart… not just looks

  • I know, corny… but give it a try.

    • Episode 1 of Season 2, with Miss Tammy and her family, had me crying at the end. My husband watched it, and he admitted that this is simply just some great television

  • Here is a Ms. Mojo video highlighting some of the feels you can expect with this show:

*Don’t get me wrong, the production of the show is completely over-the-top and dramatic, but it is also lovely.

The Great British Baking Show

  • I think I’m late to this tea party, but the show is simply delightful

  • Want to see a bunch of good natured people compete amongst one another but also fully support one another’s endeavors? Watch this show.

    • For the most part, contestants are genial, normal, funny, rushed people

    • There’s so much drama, and the stakes seem so high (but are they really? I don’t even know if they win money)

  • I may need to go to bed early, as I woke up at 3am this morning to watch more episodes of this show

  • I will be providing commentary on more feel-good, “forget-it-all” television as I come across it… !


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