I Quit My Corporate Job - Thank you, Next


Well, I’ve done it. I quit my day job. My hero Cathy Heller says not to quit until you know your side hustle can support you, but I’ve taken the leap anyway in an uncharacteristic move. So, if you’re reading this, thank you for supporting my new main hustle: bud & blossom.

Now that I’m nearing the end of my tenure with my current employer, I have decided to publicly take this platform in the direction I initially intended - towards cannabis advocacy. For a few months now, I have been standing up the walls of this blog, and ironing out some of the initial details - including name, platform, and overall tone. But M-F, I have been working in an industry seemingly unattached to my new endeavor. Before giving my notice, I didn’t yet feel comfortable outwardly communicating an affinity to cannabis. Historically, I have avoided being openly vocal about interest in a topic that, without context, could sway someone’s professional view of me. Also, to have one foot in one world, and another elsewhere… Ugh, I’ve never been good at the splits. 

A lot has changed since I signed on with my current employer - I have certainly changed. I spent the greater portion of my 20s learning, failing, and growing at this place. Since I started, I have gained development skills, a thicker skin, and new business-savvy vocabulary (if only I could arrange a business lunch with Jack Donaghy - ah!). Certain people in my office have tested my nerves. Others have made me incredibly proud. Like any long experience, it has had highs and lows. There was effort and sweat and grit and office politics and coffee all along the way.


Once you put in your notice, you hear about how much people appreciate you. It’s so funny that generally, we’re not prone to sharing appreciation until the holidays/special occasions/goodbye. But I’m not complaining; it’s nice to hear gratitude from people who work with you.

Upon sharing the news with coworkers, I received some interesting responses. One colleague said, “Email me one week into your new future and tell me what it’s like to have a thousand-pound gorilla off of your back”. I’m certainly going to email him, but I doubt I’m going to know what to say in the moment. What else is there to say other than, “It’s great…Nobody is waiting on me, I wake up when I want, and nobody holds me accountable?!”

That word - accountability. If I’m being honest, I’d have to admit that I worry about my ability to hold myself accountable over the coming months. For nearly 6 years, I’ve been in a hierarchical, professional… cubical… experience where I always had a boss, quarterly reviews, and “weekly check-ins” associated with that kind of arrangement. But, then again, I think about how important it feels to detach from that chapter right now. I go into the holidays with my current life, and after the holidays I will be living in a different reality. I intend to use this time very intentionally and do what I can to 1) make bud & blossom a success and 2) help and inspire others. Hell, I also told several coworkers about this endeavor, so now it has to be fantastic!

I am committed to this idea. I want to share my insights with other people. Not just my insights, even - but my struggles and my successes. I think my message could be particularly relevant for women; the majority of the women I know work their asses off, cater to others, teach lessons, cook like angels, and all at the same time our gender can be under-acknowledged. My goal is to insert content and value that can be uplifting to people, but especially to women. I want to share stories about the creativity and mindfulness that I know can be found through intentional cannabis use.

Please know, I acknowledge that cannabis is not a panacea. No, on the contrary, when used in excess, it can be a detriment like anything else. I think the same theory applies to other consumables, including alcohol, tobacco, sugar, french fries, and mayonnaise. But, when used intentionally or for the right reasons (and in the proper setting), cannabis can help you get in touch with yourself. I haven’t yet found a mayonnaise that can do that.

If you’re reading this, I want you to know, you have agency and power. I intend to learn more about how to leverage mine. What I find out, I will share along the way. Let’s get started!



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