How the Food and Health Status Quo Harms Us


Have you ever wondered what really drives the way that we take care of our bodies? As someone who’s struggled with my own health and weight throughout my life, I’m on the journey to find new perspectives on how to treat my body. And my take is that I’m not alone in this endeavor; no, rather, most adults I know are looking for ways to reduce the health obstacles in their life, whether that entails concern over one’s weight, the need to keep pain at bay, or difficulty dealing with mental issues such as anxiety or depression.

I recently came across a Joe Rogan interview that I found to be germane to this personal quest, so I hope this brings value to your health pursuit, as well. In the interview, Joe Rogan speaks with Chris Kresser, an author in the natural health industry (for more information, link to his blog Rogan and Kresser discuss absurdity of Big Pharma, the correlation between nutrition and quality of life, and the current failings of the American health system.

Full video here:

The Role of Nutrition in Natural Health

All of a sudden, now that I am paying attention, the “movers and shakers” out there are all agree that a change of diet is a MUST for the average American. To each his/her own, but I am proud to be pursuing the keto lifestyle as I think that a low carb diet and a formal divorce from sugar is the way forward. In this interview, Kresser makes comments about how a high produce/protein diet, low in carbs, is a lot closer to the “perfect human diet” and I totally agree. Kresser also states that if researchers can continue to study the benefits of a low carb diet, and proponents can effectively “sell” the lifestyle within their communities, our ability to take care of community health increases exponentially - and this also directly contribute to a reduced health care expenditure for our country. We should all have this common goal in mind… we know that Alzheimer's, Diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are at the end of the current path. I have never been concerned about that future fate until recently. I guess seeing simple tactics that would lead to an alternate future has made some impacts on me! There are so many wonderful people in my life that suffer from less-than-optimal health. I have personally struggled with body weight and an unhealthy relationship with food for my entire life. It’s inspiring to see that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I want optimal health for myself as well as those around me.


Capitalistic Players Driving the Current System

Beyond the importance of a proper diet, Rogan and Kresser discuss the impact of big pharma as well as insurance companies that benefit from the current models, and they argue that the current incentive models for companies in these industries is inherently flawed and directly contributes to the decrease in overall community wellness. It’s hard not to be cynical after hearing Kresser cite how money influences decisions that make life harder for the average citizen.

This concept is so sad, but I don’t want to continue to look away like normal. In my mind, society acting as if we are locked into maintaining the status quo is what enables companies to continue to act in their best interest. I’m not sure if this is the common understanding, across party lines, but I think big pharma played (and continues to play) a large role in the elongation of the opioid crisis that is impacting this country. I have personally had someone close to me ripped out of my life due to this all-too-common problem, so I don’t have any patience for the investors, financial reports, or “we’ve always done it this way” mentality that helps to keep the current big pharma players alive and well. Our friends and family should be alive and well. Somehow, I’d like to be part of the force that drives change and forces the powers that be to put community health and human compassion in front of better results.

New Concept: Health Coach

Finally, and I’m excited to learn more about this, but I’m interested in what Chris Kresser said about “health coaches”. I hadn’t really considered this as an occupation before, but I am excited by the concept. Could this even be the right career path for me, since I want to promote a healthy life for others? Maybe… but, even if I don’t join their ranks, I’m glad that there are some health coaches out there working to change the conversation and teaching others that we don’t always need to throw pills or surgery at a problem; rather, we can focus on preventative health and nutritional improvements to improve our quality of life.


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