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Have you ever had a crummy day and just needed an instant dose of inspiration and empowerment? I find myself here quite a lot, needing to take deep breath and read some sage words from a trusted motivator before moving on to my next task. For those of you in the same boat, I am compiling my go-to empowerment resources. I encourage you to give these folks a listen or a read, particularly when you’re feeling the need for a “pick me up”. That, and a cup of tea and hell, why not light a candle while you’re at it?

I find both these women inspiring, don’t you? They’ve both been through the ringer, and they’re still smiling.

I find both these women inspiring, don’t you? They’ve both been through the ringer, and they’re still smiling.

  1. Oprah’s Podcast, SuperSoul Search

    Although I find the name of this podcast cheesy, I still love it so much that it’s going to top my list. I adore Oprah and am so glad that she’s found success in her life, because what she serves up is this: endless empathy, kindness, and connection. I aspire to be 10% as compassionate and impactful as Oprah during my life (but am aiming to score higher!) Check out Oprah’s podcast here. She also has some video interviews posted on her own “tv channel” on her website. Oprah interviews all kinds of influencers, including politicians, historians, and athletes. For instance, Oprah has interviewed Elie Wiesel (in a very sweet episode), Michelle Obama, and Tom Brady (as a Seattleite, that might be an episode I skip over haha!) This podcast leaves me feeling a lot of hope for humanity and keeps me positive despite the happenings in our on-going news cycle. I recommend it to my friends, so I recommend it to you!

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2. Cathy Heller’s Podcast, “Don’t Keep your Day Job”

This podcast is life changing! At the very least, it’s helped to influence me to change my life! Cathy Heller’s whole mantra is about supporting people (primarily women, although there are some men in her tribe) to find their true purpose and then pursue a career in that field. This sounds straight-forward, but from my experience, hardly anyone lives their life this way. Cathy releases new podcast episodes several times per week, and I can tell you that I usually listen to her new releases same-day. She typically interviews other motivational influencers, or people who have worked their butt off to build their own businesses and are now making boatloads of money pursuing their passion. She highlights so many people who have managed to make this change and have earned fulfillment and success, it leaves you wondering, “why NOT me?!” I’d be remiss to think that Cathy’s inspiration had nothing to do with me quitting my day job of 5+ years!

3. Angela Duckworth’s Grit

Angela, a renown psychiatrist, has compiled years of research to highlight what is is that truly correlates to whether or not someone is successful. This book talks about how grit, the sustained application of effort towards a long-term goal, is the largest predictor of life-long achievement. Talent means nothing if you have no follow-through. So, for those of you out there who aren’t sure you have what it takes to succeed, but aren’t afraid of rolling up your sleeves to make your passion a reality, fret not - we will all get there with a little bit of grit!

4. Jen Sincero’s You Are a Badass

Jen Sincero didn’t find her ultimate “success” until she was 40 years old. In this book, she walks you through how to stop doubting yourself so that you can just get to becoming the badass you are supposed to be. I have gifted this book several times and have received positive feedback.

5. Jon Kabat Zinn, Wherever You Go, There You Are

A quintessential guide to highlight what mindfulness is all about. Jon Kabat Zinn created the famous MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) approach to mindfulness that has helped so many. Despite his vast knowledge of mindfulness, Wherever You Go, There You Are is very approachable and easy to read. It’s also the kind of book where you can pull it off the shelf, read one passage, put the book back, and feel legitimately enlightened via that small parcel of wisdom that has now enhanced your day.

I will continue to update this page as I discover more insightful, empowering resources. In the meantime, please tell me - who knocks your socks off? Let me know!

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