The Canna Mom Show: Grief, Gratitude and Cat Care


I recently sat down with Joyce Gerber of the of Pro Cannabis Media. Many thanks to Joyce and her team for this opportunity to share my cannabis story.

In this episode, Joyce and I cover many of the beneficial aspects of cannabis, including how cannabis can help with grief management (it certainly helped me after the loss of my beloved Shannon), addiction management, and even pet anxiety.

Finally, we share our thoughts on the amazing impact that women are making in the cannabis industry. I have personally witnessed how women in cannabis are building each other up and promoting collective success in personal and professional realms. Additionally, I go on to explain my view that women are drawn to cannabis because of the inherently compassionate element of the plant. Women, who are often caretakers, are celebrating the fact that cannabis can provide healing to so many in need.

Check out the episode for more!

There is also a corresponding Youtube video of the interview, available here. Hope you enjoy <3

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