LeafLife Podcast: Mindful Cannabis Use


I recently sat down with Mike Ricker and Wes Abney of the LeafLife podcast to share my thoughts on mindful cannabis use. Specifically, I was invited to the show to outline my 6 Simple Steps to Mindful Cannabis Use (you can find this guide to mindful cannabis use here).

Recording this podcast was a blast! Not only that, but I think the concepts discussed within will be so valuable to listeners looking to enhance their mindfulness and wellness routines.

The podcast also features two other badass women from the Seattle cannabis scene, Lizzie from Donuts + Down Dog blog, a well-written and fun blog about finding the perfect wellness routine for you, and Angel, an inventory specialist from Seattle’s The Kushery. I was honored to be featured alongside these women and inspired by what they had to say. Also, I find it very fitting that the episode on mindfulness and intention was such a female-forward episode!

There’s something so fulfilling about sitting with other like-minded people who understand how beneficial cannabis will be to our society.

I’m excited to share this episode, and I really hope you can find a few takeaways that truly speak to you.

Check out the episode here.

Heather DagleyComment